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Industry ThoughtsThe who, why, what of MFD’s

29th October 2019

It is important to find quality devices that meet your offices’ requirements, but it’s easy to presume that the pricey ones are better in functionality and quality than the cheaper ones.

To help you navigate through the world of office automation, here are the questions we ask and why:


One of the crucial factors to consider is not always the obvious one: how much the copier will be used?  It’s important to give yourself room to grow but increase in volume equals increase in speed which in turn means increase in cost.  The way to get this right if you are not sure is to have a print audit so an accurate measure can be taken from the devices you currently use, whatever they may be.

Colour or Mono

Most people still believe that buying a mono only device will be cheaper than purchasing a colour one, the truth is that although mono hardware may be negligably cheaper than colour hardware the actual running costs can be as much as 70% cheaper to print mono on a colour device. This is due to massive industry support as the UK is one of the largest purchasers of colour devices in Europe .  The cost effectiveness of colour becomes even greater if you are using an inkject device where doing one colour inkjet print can cost the same as in excess of thirty colour pages on a colour multifunctional device.

Scanning Features

Multifunctional devices offer scanning features by default and finding a device that doesn’t include some form of scanning feature can prove difficult. The type of scanning required is important to consider as this does vary from device to device.  The most common are Scan to Email and Scan to Folder but cloud scanning is increasing in populartity as well as secure scanning with OCR.  Scanning to a USB thumbdrive is also available on most devices now. It is also worth noting that nearly every mono multifunctional device offers colour scanning and that all scanning is generally free of cost on multifunctional machines.


Speed relates to the number of A4 pages that can be produced in one minute and is directly linked to Volume, faster machines do cost more but also cope with much more work.  Sometimes speed is more important than volume especially where there are tight deadlines maybe to complete flyers, brochures, large invoice runs or something similar and this will negate any volume requirements.


Who makes the device is an important question but it’s not always about the brand, and it is easy to get sidetracked by how high yearly sales might be or how popular they are. Just ensure your supplier are a stable company who are passionate about selling great products backed up by an experienced technical team (like us).

Reconditoned vs New

There is no avoiding the fact that buying a recondtioned device can give you a lot of machine for your money and a question that comes up all the time is why should i consider reconditioned over new.  The answer really boils down to the checks and work prior to delivery that goes into getting a machine ready to be sold as new.  Most companies offer 3 years support whereas some offer 5 years and this is a direct indicator of how reliable they expect the machine to be.  Important things to check are whether the supplier has a policy in place for only recondtioning lower volume machines, are they fully reconditioned or just wiped over before delivery and how long will they support the machine.  The other factor to consider reconditoned over new is budget. In case you were wondering we do have a policy, we do fully recondition and we offer 5 years support.

Additional Features and Advantages

As stated earlier, there’re many new features added to copiers that aren’t necessary to have, but make the unit appear fancier and of higher quality. There are extra functionalities that can enhance your printing experiences, for example accessibility programs, document editing and automated document workflow solutions. Accessibility programs allow multifunctional devices, scanners, printer and copiers to be controlled by a mobile device.  Reconditioned machines ofter come with these facilities and options already installed which offers increased value for money.

Is Leasing Better than Buying?

When leasing you will get your equipment straight away, rather than when budgets allow, it is simple and safe with fixed costs throughout the lease period there will be no changes or unpredictability to watch out for.  You can stay up-to-date with the latest equipment!

Leasing provides you with the option of upgrading the equipment at any stage throughout the agreement by simply restructuring the payment schedule.

You can offset 100% of the rentals against your tax liability to maximise tax efficiency.

See our lease vs buy example below.

Equipment Cost£7,500
Lease Period3 Years
Company Tax Rate19%

Cash Purchase

YearCapital AllowancesTax Relief
118% of £7,500 = £1,350Less 19% = £256.50
218% of £6,150 = £1,107Less 19% = £210.33
318% of £5,043 = £907.74Less 19% = £172.47
Total Tax Relief: £639.30

Lease Rental

YearCapital AllowancesTax Relief
14 rentals of £768.75Less 19% – £584.25
24 rentals of £768.75Less 19% – £584.25
34 rentals of £768.75Less 19% – £584.25
Total Tax Relief: £1,752.75

By choosing to lease, the company has saved £1,113.45 in tax relief

Is Buying Better than Leasing?

Buying allows you to own the equipment, giving the advantage of not having to replace the machine which gives increased longevity and purpose. There is no interest to pay as there is with leasing and insurance premiums tend to be lower when buying devices outright.  If you are a company that has been trading less than 3 years buying may be the only option available to you.


Having a checklist of things you may need will definately help when looking to buy a new device but keep in mind that good companies offer good advice.



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