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Industry ThoughtsSnails Vs Superhighways

7th August 2019

Reasons direct mail is still effective

It’s a debate thats been going on for as long as we can remember, which is best? direct mail or email marketing.

Supporters of the digital age will say why waste time and money on direct mail campaigns that nobody reads when you can contact your customers immediately using social media, email and mobile?

However, the latest data makes an impressive case for printed mail. Agreed, social media marketing is on the rise but that doesn’t mean that customers aren’t responding to direct mail or that it is losing its effectiveness.

That’s just plain false.

The reality is, direct mail remains critical to be noticed.  And will be noticed for these reasons:

Direct mail doesn’t require opt-in

Unlike email you don’t have to get permission to send them direct mail. This means that even if someone doesn’t subscribe, or unsubscribes, from your email list you can still get in touch with them.

(Which is why it’s always a good idea to get physical addresses from those on your email lists!)

Direct Mail Doesn’t Get Caught in the Spam Filter

It may not make it past reception but the odds are still much better – and it doesn’t contain a virus.

Direct mail remains effective long after it lands on the desk

How often have your customers to told you they’ve had your information sitting on their desks for months?

They may not have acted immediately but you remained in view until they were ready. You don’t get that kind of power – or attention – with email.



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